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The O.P wants to use the film in a controlled studio environment with strobes, extreme latitude is unnecessary because the light is measurable with a flash meter and under control. I've used Portra 160 extensively for studio portraiture both in 135 and 120 and the fineness of grain and latitude are perfect for the purpose, and I have no problem getting from my local pro lab. 20"X16" prints even from 35mm negatives.
I was always taught you should use the slowest film practicable to do the job and not many years ago I.S.O. 160 was considered a fast film, indeed Kodak High Speed Ektachrome was only 160 I.S.O. I do have a stock of Portra 400 in 135 and 120 in my freezer but I save it for marginal lighting conditions.
I agree, the OP was asking about studio photography, I was replying to the post I quoted to. So, I guess my answer was O.T.

Yes, I agree that the slowest film should be used, but Portra 400 is no slouch when it comes to medium format in terms of grain.