Nice, never even thought of bringing my earbuds. And their darkroom is nice, well it is the only one I have to compare to. Mainly just have a big learning curve ahead of me. I like "being prepared" and just wanted to make sure there wasn't something I was missing or is nice to have in there. They will have everything I need anyway. But, already got some great ideas to make sure I tote in a bag with me.

I have used them to develop my color film for 3+ years now, and sometimes b&w. As far as I know, one of the last labs left in town. I live in Cypress, so it's not exactly around the corner, but I like supporting them. The owner met me after my first printing session and gave me advice on selling my work. I have a full-time job, but I wanted to sell some of my work as a sort of extension of this hobby I have fallen in love with. I thoroughly enjoyed printing as it felt like a different avenue of the art/medium.