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There's two problems, one is that if you wait to remove the RemJet till after, you end up contaminating the emulsion with more RemJet as it falls off the back between chemistry cycles, and two you contaminate those chemistries with bits of RemJet and then that carries over to the next round of development and it gets even worse with more contamination.

So removing it first is the better move I would think.

I don't know why it would cause any darkening of the film though, I've asked before and to my recollection PE said sodium bicarbonate shouldn't be causing any development issues, I can't recall why I was asking though, but I remember asking if the sodium bicarbonate could ruin the film and was told that it wouldn't.
The place I read about removing remjet after C41-dev was actually at Steve Huff Photo.
Now that I've read it again he does say that 'it will ruin the chems' and that he uses 'waste lab chems', so he's probably just doing it one-shot and ditching it so doesn't worry about contamination. If only we could all get waste-chems to play with....

Anyway, the only other option is Cinestill, which is removed pre-taking, which would add to halation (depending on whether that's actually what you want).
So yeah, taking then removing remjet then developing certainly makes the most sense to me too now.

Also, I just noticed Stone and Athiril said 'Sodium Bicarbonate' (NaHCO3), and the OP said Sodium Carbonate (Na2CO3). Maybe just a slight confusion of chemicals could be leading to these results?