When using stock dev I normally put it through a coffee filter/funnel after use to reduce frequency of film 'chips' from the mono cine I use. I don't do this with normal film.

The film may come with stuck on chips...

As I read it the ECN REM JET process is two stage a soften bath then a water knife or spounge removal the machines have anti carry over after steps.

I don't want to try ECN film I have lots of C41 bulk. But I think Id 'want to' filter the Dev as I do with mono cine.

Lastly I always shoot a film out the den window I use for test I've learnt that this necessary to avoid a problem in the next roll... last such a problem was Feb 14 duuuuua.

But if the op can get good results without pre removal then filtering the solutions only needs three labeled jugs and a soft spounge wipe one side after.

Or one shot the prebath... but maybe filter the dev.

If a filter has black remjet residue you know you may have a problem like my mono cine... cause the remjet won't just be in the filter.