Figured I should say hi as I have been lurking around the darkroom section of the forums. Just clicked on the link before it (thus taking me to the entire list of sub forums) and noticed this area and a bajillion others.

Been shooting film for 4ish years now. Currently 27 years old, bought my first home a few months ago, and day to day am a drilling engineer for an underground gas storage company. Started off with a toy camera, migrated to a Hasselblad 500 C/M, then a Leica M2, then a Rolleiflex 3.5F, and now yearning for a 4x5 camera. I would say my Hassie gets the most love (after it caused me some dreadful trouble after coming back from Peru and "losing" about half my sat in timeout for a year or two until I finally sent it to David Odess). Although with a gf of three years and wanting to buy a ring for her and the new house, money for hobbies (photography and art/posters) has taken a back seat. Generally my photography is up and down where no love for a month or two then a pure binge for months on end. Still don't even own a lens for my Leica (typically borrow one from my dad)!

I tend to type a lot, am a frequent and long time poster at the art forum, expressobeans, generally am quiet and an introvert. Have picked up developing my own film for the past 2ish years, just B&W. Now have been interested in enlarging and printing...made one trip to the lab so far.

Other than that, feel free to chat or ask anything or just say hi. I am polite, kind, respectful, not one for frivolous things, enjoy the old and vintage stuff in life (somewhere since college I have bought upwards of 800 records!). Analog photography for me is a slowdown from the rapid speed that life moves, its peaceful and calming, it is rewarding when holding the negative up in the bathroom or laying it down on the light table. It has been an extension of my life long love of art.

If interested here is my flickr (a long time since it has been updated...moving into the house and work and everything, I have been behind!)