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Welcome to APUG. I see some Polaroids on flickr as well . That is something - to borrow Leitz lenses from dad :o!
Ha yeah. He actually has about 1000 hobbies so naturally photography is one of them. A lot of my collection was inspired by his, after telling me over and over and over how "this is the best" and "no, this is what you want". Ha, he doesn't read any books nor partake in any discussion, but he does believe his opinions strongly. Love him though, has taught me a lot! But naturally, I have a lot to learn and I use books and the web and my lack of a 1000 hobbies, to really invest the time towards the many I do have (I am pretty bad as well ha!).

And yes I really need to buy a lens...

And oh yeah, polaroid as well, although the past year or so I would say not so much. I did a Christmas card swap with the art forum and decided to do emulsion lifts and after a month of non-stop hours upon hours I was burned out. Plus I dropped my sx-70 during the project and it is beat up.

Thanks for the warm welcome!

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That's Mr. Peep, thank you very much :]
I will make sure to remember this.