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I use them on the 35mm and not on a view camera. I use a Nikon PB-6 bellow and a 39mm to F mount adapter.
My lenses are:
135mm f/5.6 EL-Nikkor
105mm f/4.5 Rodagon
80mm f/5.6 EL-Nikkor
50mm f/2.8 EL-Nikkor
35mm f/4 Schneider
The 35mm I think wasn't designed for 35mm but I don't notice any vignetting. I don't use it often as the working distance has to be too close.
The PB-6' minimum extension is 48 mm, maximum is 208 mm. With camera, the minimum is 94.5 mm, maximum 254.5 mm. How thick is your adapter?

The 35 and 50 mm are best used reversed, the 135 is best used facing normally 'cos it won't go much beyond 1:1 on a PB-6. The 80 and 105 should be used mounted normally below 1:1, reversed above.

None of these lenses is as good as my 55/2.8 MicroNikkor AIS or 105/2.8 MicroNikkor AIS. Why use second best? 55 MicroNikkors, f/2.8 and f/3.5, aren't that expensive. And neither are 105s. Nikon makes a male 52x0.75-to-male F mount adapter, the BR-2/BR-2A, that will do what you need. If you insist on using one of your enlarging lenses, get a BR-2 and a filter step ring ...