Thanks all for the comments and hellos.

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Hello ans a warm welcome to APUG! Love your images.

Thanks Jeff! Appreciate the kind comment.

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I see you have been to Berlin.
Yes I was in Berlin and drove to Dresden on the same Europe trip. Was thoroughly enjoyed, although travelled by myself for majority of it, and nothing really planned. Still got to see some beautiful and wonderful things and wouldn't trade it for the world. I want to get back over to Europe ASAP. Girlfriend has to come this time though, which I am fine with...she enjoys my photography as well.

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Howdy, from sunny central California! I'm kinda a lurker new guy too! I used to use a fine Rollei 6008 Pro. S, but, stuff happened, sold it, and now I have an equally loved, Mamiya RB67 Pro. S, with a Polaroid back, that I use, because I have a morbid fear of ruining film due to lack of understanding! In fact I just shot a 5 roll of Kodak 400 TMAX, only to realize just yesterday, that, i forgot to remove the dark slide! This is why I'm here, to learn from the skilled!
Sorry to blab on, happy photography, and may your film stay frozen, until usage! -Americo
Hi and welcome as well. Not familiar with the Mamiya but I know the Hassie won't allow me to take a photo with the darkslide in. And you learn from your mistakes. When I first started I bought some expired film on eBay and just shot and shot and shot. Also used Walmart (they have envelopes you mail your film in) to develop my stuff so that the first few months my learning curve didn't damage my wallet too much. As I learned I bought fresh film and started supporting the local lab. Eventually started developing my own B&W and now am slowly creeping into printing/enlarging. Best of luck and keep up the work!