I wonder when EK will manufacturer the last run of their current film offerings. Heck, I wonder if they aren't already done. From what I gather, they can make in a week what it would take a year or more to sell. For all I know, they have five years worth of Ektar in cold storage, and there never will be any new manufacturing.

I just remain of the opinion that there is a massive disconnect here when it comes to scale of operations and expectations. This guy talks about being a "billion dollar" company? Please. I think realistically the future of film manufacturing will involve companies who would consider $5 million in wholesale revenue to be a very good year. I think that is the scale film people need to be planning on. Of course, the fundamental question remains of whether it is possible to product product at prices the market is willing to pay at that scale. I have no idea.

But I am reasonably certain the new KA CEO has no interest in a $5 million line of business.