There is such enormous angst over Kodak that it is really a very real detriment to this hobby. I get REALLY depressed by worrying over Kodak's future. This is amplified ENORMOUSLY by Kodak's near complete and total disconnect to film photographers. A little transparency would really go a long way.

There's just nothing to feel good about Kodak, other than the films, which already seem abandoned.

As Ken said, you can feel the passion at Ilford, just from Simon's posts here.

I really have enjoyed my return to film photography, except for the near constant Kodak death watch. It is a terrible part to this hobby. Couple that to Fujifilm's seemingly increasing exit from film manufacturing and again, one's salvation is left at Ilford's door.

Nothing will be better for film photographers than for the film industry finally size itself to the current reality. The sooner this is done the better. If Fujifilm and Kodak have to go, then fine, get it over with. Let Ilford, and perhaps that Italian company (can't remember how to spell their name), take over.

I really dont know how much more of this I can take.