Came across more manuals that I thought some people on the board might like. Don't know if this was the right forum, but here they are anyway.

TM 1-219 Basic Photography (Military manual - July 1, 1941)

A Manual of Photography: Founded on Hardwich's Photographic Chemistry (1873)

Graflex C-6 Manual (military speed graphic)

Camera Craft Magazine - all years from 1902 to 1944

Wratten Light Filters

The British Journal Photographic Almanac 1954

The fundamentals of photography (1920)

Voigtländer and I in pursuit of shadow catching; a story of fifty-two years' companionship with a camera (1902)

Photographic Possibilities

The focus (1925)

Press photography (1936)

Photo-aquatint, or, The gum-bichromate process : a practical treatise on a new process of printing in pigment especially suitable for pictorial workers (1901)

Combat Photography (March 1945)

History of color photography (1945)