Well, being a hetero female, I have to say I just don't find the male body as inviting as the female from and artistic point of view. Even the mucles bound jocks just don't emit the sensuous response that a female does even in the most mudane poses as I found out at nude art class.

But that being said, nudity and our relationship to it won't be changing anytime soon. We would have to suddenly have a majority (obviously not the "moral" majority) of the society comfortable both with their own nudity but also the postential nudity of their family members. Where to draw the line? I don't know, but I am confused by a country that thinks nothing of letting children watch umpteen kinds of explicit violence, but gets its panties in a wad over implicit or explicit nudity. But we are odd men out so to speak, making us seem like antisocial, perverts just cuz we like nature in all its glory.

My humble opinion as requested.