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Why do you worry? What's the point of worrying? What good will it do? Nothing!
Worry is a natural extension of the more basic fear of the unknown that has been naturally selected into each and every one of us over the last five million years. And for very good reasons. It's a form of abstract thinking that allows for the identification and avoidance of future threats and dangers. As such, it is ultimately a mechanism to help insure survival of the species.

In this particular case, worry allows an individual to identify conditions and patterns today that may constitute a threat to the availability of certain photographic films in the future. Correct identification of such future dangers would allow for their avoidance by the mechanism of transitioning to substitute films before the current ones disappear.

Several years ago I looked at the situation and began worrying about the future availability of Kodak Plus-X film. At the time this had been my standard use film for 30 years. Worry helped identify both the danger, and the mitigating action. I switched to Ilford b&w films before that danger overtook me. And, of course, Plus-X is now extinct. Mission accomplished.

Those who worry are proactive, and very little sneaks up and bites them in the butt. Those who don't worry are reactive, and generally have butts covered with painful teeth marks. And since danger in life is ever present, I'll take the former approach over the latter any day. It makes sitting in chairs much easier.

There is only one mad individual I know of who lives life by the credo "What? Me worry?"