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There's a type of art that I've seen around occasionally, where you enlarge to paper normally, but then just splash developer over the paper so it doesn't cover the entirety, you just get a Rorschach-shaped image. (not sure if there's a named-style for this, like there is for something like a Photogram).

Maybe there's just as much artistic-merit in simply painting the emulsion onto the plate/paper before exposure? Depending on how gloopy and sticky it is, you might be able to get some nice shapes out of it.

Scratch that, forget what I wrote, noone steal my idea. I'm going to get a paintbrush and a bottle of liquid-light on the way home, and get practising my chinese calligraphy...
Sometimes it is fun. Platinum print, 11x14 negative. Next time I'll keep Alex's feet in the image area!