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If Kodak were IBM, they would have dropped film back in 2002... We are lucky Kodak is as bad at profiting as it is...

For all the complaining about the failures of Kodak management, the fact is the only reason they are still selling film at all is precisely because they lacked a nimble and efficient management structure.

Financially, an aggressive management team would have seen 15 years ago that film was going away and taken action to get into something else.

I mean, suppose Kodak had had a really brilliant product development group and managed to invent the smart phone a year ahead of Apple. Kind of a natural, really. Kodak had a great brand, and a natural association in the mind of consumers with photography. A KodakPhone would have been perfect.

Ok, so suppose these hypothetical, brilliant Kodak managers had put all that together and hit the market in 2006, a year ahead of Apple. With proper execution, they would be rolling in cash today, the very idea of a bankruptcy would seem ridiculous. Kodak stock would be up 1000%.

And Kodak film would be long gone.