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But that being said, nudity and our relationship to it won't be changing anytime soon...
But we are odd men out so to speak, making us seem like antisocial, perverts just cuz we like nature in all its glory.
My humble opinion as requested.


You answer deserves a much more "well-thought out" answer than this, but even though I'm burned at the moment, I have to say that I agree. The most troubling thought is that the so-called "odd wo/men" are the ones that have really learned to handle the human figure with maturity and appreciation. Some in this world obviously can not.

As far as the "moral majority" - how "moral" are they when thier critique of the work of the Great Creator is so severe that they choose to not only cover it up, but to DENY its existence - or so it seems.

I remember one Television program from the past: It dealt with the Atlanta Censorship Board banning the motion picture "Never on Sunday". One of the members of the board, in an interview, said, "I've watched this movie seven times, and I've never seen anything so disgusting.. etc."

My immediate thought: SEVEN times? You couldn't have figured that out after the first two or three..?

Can anyone name a "significant" photographer who has *NOT* produced nudes at some time or other? At first I thought: Ansel Adams ... but he did... he just did not think those were "keepers".

More later. I need some rest.