FG-7 was one of the most versatile developers. Whether I used it 1:15 with water for slower films or 1:15 with 9% Sodum Sulfite solution for faster films I always got good results. My favorte combination was 1:15 with water with Panatomic-X rated at 64. Grain and sharpness were very good and it had a slight compensating effect too. Apart from these qualities, it had very good shelf life. Edwal ruined the good keeping quality by switching from a dark brown glass bottle to a white nearly translucent plastic bottle. The biggest difference between using it in the early 1970s and using it more recently is that the faster flms are much better. Many developers sold in plastic bottles had keeping problems. These included the many Paterson formulas, the imitation Rodinals and the house brand concentrates. HC-110 is an exception. Even in its plastic bottle it lasts quite a while and PC-TEA also lasts a long time. The current Tri-X, developed in D-76 1:1 gives much better results than Tri-X from the early 1970s developed in FG-7 1:15 with 9% sodium sulfite solution. You can get results which are similar to what FG-7 gave by using Ilford Microphen 1:1, Ilford DD-X, Kodak X-tol, Clayton F60 or any other phenidone based developer. If you want to make up your own stock, PC-TEA will also give similar results at 1:50 and will last a long time.