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Hi Athiril,
Thanks for looking up the numbers on tape! Scotch Magic is a easy candidate for taping puddle pushers. For some reason I've totally forgotten, I had a couple of rolls of 850 when I started playing with emulsions and I settled into it as my tape of choice.

One note: 0.9 mil of the 850 is the adhesive. That's one reason I like the stuff so much. I just count each wrap as 1 mil because I assume the adhesive mashes down to nearly nothing. I also have to assume the adhesive on Magic Tape is also about 0.9 mils. But, as said, "stressing the mils" isn't necessary. Vaughn's approach to carbon could be the role model for our work. He's a master of his craft, without resorting to expensive accessories.
Customer service for 3M got back to me, as I also sent the question to them.

They're stating 810 magic tape is 2.2 mils (0.056mm) instead of what I found in the data sheet I found. I guess if you want to be specific, you should measure the rod bare, and then with the tape on.