Here's a scenario that I just made up:

Agfa Photo is closed down, the financing plans having failed.
A couple of years later, a Korean firm that makes engine valves for Mitsubishi and tennis balls for Dunlop decides to enter the B&W film and Paper business (its CEO is a film enthusiast and old German camera collector) and buys the Brand Name "Agfa" to use on its products. It then begins to produce film, paper, chemicals and all the rest... We're going to have Agfapan in all desirable formats (up to 11"x17"), Rodinal, Atomal, Neutol and even some of the real Agfa Papers, like Record-Rapid and Portriga.

Actually, the Koreans will surely manage to make the same quality products, but much cheaper than the Germans used to make them...

Too optimistic ??? Maybe. But it could happen !