I've been watching this topic. Record-breaking heat all over Europe.
There is a Program called "Weather Bug", that will pick up information from a great number of weather stations all over the United States. I've been comparing the weather here in "delightful" Ipswich, Massachusetts (for all who are not familiar with the geography of the East Coast, we are fairly North, about 50km North-North-East of Boston.
For the last three weeks or so, we have been immersed in high humidity - with temperatures high enough to make it really miserable. Dew Points - the temperature where the air is completely saturated - have rarely dropped below 70 degrees F (21C) - Right now, 8 AM, the temperature is 72F (22C), and the dew point matches - 72F (22C). It will make 80-90F today, when it isn't raining.

I've been checking ... we have been beating both Houston and New Orleans as far as "heat index".

Showering is miserable - not the shower itself, but trying to dry off afterwards. Feels like you are still in there with the water running.