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I normally would have blamed the photog but the errors on both ends of the film seemed to preclude that for me, I didnt see how it was possible to ruin both the first and the last parts of the roll and I was there while he unloaded, he certainly never dropped the film or anything.
And no, lol, I didnt ask for the lomo treatment, I tried to stop myself but even accidentally blurted out to the girl that took them to take care of them as they were wedding shots. Haha she kinda nodded smiled but like it made any difference to her! I think I will ask them to print them out for free maybe. For the grandkids of course.
Well, this is why I only use a pro lab these days. (Only for E6, mind you.) Other firms returned negs with all sorts of problems. Colour cast, excessive grain, scratches, drying marks, you name it.

So, I brought all developing in-house, except for E6, as I simply can‘t equal a professional developer there.