New-old-stock Komura Telemore95 2X Teleconverter for M42 (Pentax/Praktica thread) mount SLRs. There is lots of wear on the box from years of storage and two small marks on the leather case. Komura was the leading specialist in this type of optic back in the great film SLR era. The lens is mint. $25 plus shipping

Alpex 135 mm F2.8 M42 thread mount lens. This Japanese-made lens is new (in perfect condition - the box has some wear). Uncommon in this condition today. Has the desirable "Auto/Manual" switch as well! $40 plus shipping

New and boxed Bayonet I polarizing filter. This filter fits most Rolleiflex and Rolleicord Tessar and Xenar taking lens models, as well as dozens of other similar twin lens reflex cameras. Made in Japan. $16 plus shipping

New and boxed neutral density filter ND2 for Bay-1 TLR. Made in Japan. $9 plus shipping

Rare 55 mm BDB Planoptic blue filter for black and white portraiture - new, boxed, cased with original filter data sheet. Made in Great Britain. $12 plus shipping