This has probably been debated over and over again, but I'm curious on how you print squares on a 18x24 paper.

Printing 3:2 is simple, and works great. This is how I like to it:


A lot of wasted paper area, but I can live with that. The idea is that one should be able to handle the prints with ease, which I why I leave these margins. The top/bottom margins are slightly different to place the image at the papers optical center. The image is approx. 18x12 cm.

However, for squares this is tricky. My first attempt was pretty bad:


I tried making the square even bigger, but it still didn't work out. So I tried changing orientation and I think it works a bit better now:


But size...should I let it be 12x12 cm, on a 18x24 paper? So here's a slightly bigger (16x16) version:


I know this is all a matter of taste, but I'm curious on how you do it.