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What is your technique for centering the image on the paper? I've got a four-bladed easel from LPL that has these pre-cut scores in different sizes, but they generally don't line up very well with the placement of the image when using the rulers on the blades to set the image size.
Some high end easels (like my 20x24 Saunders) have adjustable left-hand paper stop for each paper size. This lets you center the paper to the scale. Otherwise you may have to make adjustments to the readings of the scale on each side.

Things to try
1) Get a new scale sticker; remove the old one and put the new one in the correct location
2) See if alignment of the paper with the RIGHT side of the slot works better (this solved the problem with my 16x20 Beseler easel)
3) Use tape, plastic or wood to make a small shim to adjust the right or left hand side of the slot to center the paper to the scale
4) When all else fails, figure out how far off the scale is and offset the blades the appropriate amount from the indicated scale readings each time.