Brass Verito's are rare indeed. And Brass Verito's with 95% of their original finish in Studio Shutters that work like they were new are exceedingly rare. And of course any Verito smaller than the 8 3/4" - 9" size are Uber Rare, and If I don't quit saying that I'm going to talk myself out of selling this!

This has been a steddy freddy in my somewhat bizarrely eclectic grouping of lenses that I tote around in my 4X5 kit. And in fact I've used it quite a lot, and when I need to bump this thread, I'll post some of my favorite images done with this lens.

Pictures tell the story about condition, but you have to hear the blades snap open and shut with a wildly fast 1/5th second to believe how well it works.

I'm not really interested in entertaining offers on this. If you want it, check ebay and you'll see people asking more than my price for painfully ordinary ones, if this size can be found at all!

$1095 + even more for the post man.