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Now that said, I can in all honesty say that most of what I see of nudes, Is crap...
There are a few nudes in art that are done very well. One in particular right here in this sites gallery...
It was very well done. Then there are those that I think the photographer should have gone back and done some more practicing.
I agree that Thomas Sauerwein's work is *brilliant*. I like it - very much.

Seeing that I am one of the few others who have posted nudes here - all I can say is "Ouch!".

When it comes to people's view of your nudes, I think its better to take more of an don't get too high if someone really likes the work and don't get too low if someone doesn't like it. Someone's views on the nude in photography is a very personal thing.

Some of the best comments of work I've shown have come from the parents of models. One time in Phila a local model couldn't make it to the opening because her school had restarted, but her mother, her brother, two cousins and a family friend all showed up at the opening. Her mother was great, trying to find all the images of her daughter.

Back to where the thread started at. I like to shoot the subject, sometimes that's means her feet, sometimes her but or breasts, sometimes that means her genitals. The only self imposed censorship that I employ is I want her to be natural, basically just shooting the subject as presented in front of me.

Michael, you didn't bring up the thought of Hetero males shooting the male nude. I have shot a number of men. The first few were to push myself away from the sterotypes of nude work, where the subjest is one of desire. Shooting the male nude alloud me to see the form of the subject.

I found one other side effect of shooting the male figure, it gave a different feel to the work when hung on the wall. With the male images hanging with the female images, the work became more about the nude as a subject and not about naked women.