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Small photographic prints can be very strong and I wondered if there are any exhibitions specific to small size prints?
I notice there is the Biennial Miniature Print Exhibition (BIMPE) held every two years in Vancouver, British Columbia. This exhibition is a showcase for small scale works measuring no more than 15cm X 10cm and often open to images made using all printmaking techniques from traditional line etching to contemporary digital processes. I take it this could also include photographic prints.

However, I get the impression this is more a general printmaking exhibition and wondered if there is, or should be something more aligned to small photographic prints. I think such an exhibition would be very popular.

Any thoughts?
I recently bought some 5x7 matt fibre paper with the specific intention of working towards smaller prints. I normally do 8x10 and 9.5x12. I think the subject matter has to be carefully chosen. The image should be 'readable', even from a distance. Fibre paper in this size is also easier to handle for people like me who don't have the time to wash, dry and flatten larger sizes. My first efforts were ok, and I intend to pursue this approach. I'm not aware of any particular exhibitions or groups dedicated to smaller prints, but I have detected an interest recently in this type of work. One distinct advantage is the ability to work with premium papers at a reasonable cost. It's difficult to perfect a print when you know that you only have 10 or 25 sheets, and each one costs a lot!