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There's only one camera store left in DC, and judging from their website, one has to wonder how long they'll last. However, Dick has always catered to pros by specializing in superlative factory authorized repairs of high end equipment, so maybe the last man standing in this town will stand for quite a while.

The bad news is that there's not a single word on his website about film. Not a single word.
ProPhoto's website still says they're moving, when in fact they moved about nine months ago. I've dropped into the new place several times -- once to drop of a Nikon F for a CLA -- and it is very, very much smaller than his old place. He still has some used gear, still sells Leica, and apparently still repairs equipment though Dick and brother (whom I haven't seen for a while) work out of sight of the public now. I mentioned to Dick that he had a lot less stuff on the sales floor (no paper or developers, etc.) and his reply rather indicated that they'd gotten rid of most of it (though some may be "in the back").

I'm glad they're still there, as I've been shopping there for over twenty years, but the store clearly reflects how photography equipment is presently valued and sold.