Seeing the recent thread on: "Why is B&W Paper So Expensive" has led me to think about what filtration might be a starting point for B&W prints from B&W negs on RA4 paper.

My local mini-lab manages to do this and produce almost colour-cast-free prints but it has the advantages of a machine that tells it what is needed.

With a normal dichroic head has anyone tried to make B&W prints from B&W negs on RA4 and if so any ideas on at least a starting filtration.If there is/are threads on this please point me to them

I am hoping that if the correct filtration can be worked out to get a neutral print then it should be hopefully possible to stick with that filtration for at least the rest of the roll

I currently have no idea how to work out how to even start on achieving the correct filtration nor can I recall any book I have ever come across that mentions this.

Part of the reason may be that most colour books are quite old and were published when RA4 paper was much more expensive than B&W paper which certainly isn't the case now so there was no reason to even try to do this