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Maybe these companies in China will or do make the stuff. I've seen cyanine dyes listed through this alibaba, too. Assuming that the quality is acceptable, the question would be how or where does one actually order and purchase the stuff? Are they going to sell me, a consumer, a kilogram of Dimezone-S? Ordering from Sigma-Aldrich is next to impossible without having a business with an account to go through.

Hello there,

Yes, they are going to sell you. They can ship by EMS , a courier service like Fed Ex. I wanted to buy an Chinese Motorcycle from Shangai and it was developed for Africa and cost was 250 dollars with 15 dollars shipment by the sea to Istanbul.

Best way , is to register and contact or chat - there are chat links at the pages showing online offline- and learn the details. They send 1 grams to container load anywhere to the world.

I am buying many chinese goods from dx.com and first they send the good from china to hong kong and than to me without charging any postage whatever the size and weight.

BUT best way is to post a buying lead to alibaba and many manufacturers and distributors turns back to you.

Hong Kong is more expensive but little bit more organized.

At chat or reply to your buying lead , they generally send a link to their website and want order from their stock number. But CAS numbers will help you most.

In 48 hours , you find 30 sellers in your inbox. I advise you to register to gmail for prevent the email traffic hassle.