I can't tell you what filter is best since it would depend on the film used and the type of fluorescent bulbs are the light source. Fluorescent bulbs come in different light temperatures expressed in degrees Kelvin. The fixture itself often covered with a plastic sheet could also have an effect. For example, in my office with walls painted with a soft white flat paint and one wall with two windows facing East and four light fixtures holding a total of sixteen 5000 degree Kelvin bulbs actually measured 4870 degrees Kelvin with a light meter. Others may be more helpful than me but I think you will have to do some searching and trial and error to come up with your desired results. I am assuming you are interested in color film. For black and white I would rely on an accurate light meter reading and a color filter chosen for a particular subject otherwise no filter will most likely work just fine. I have shot b&w with fluorescent lighting with and without filters with excellent results.