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not perforated 35mm is the basic ingredient for 126, and 828. Unperforated 16mm would be ideal for 110.

I wonder if the process allows winding rolls while bypassing the perforator.

I am not sure if they sold any of the uncut 120 backing paper last time. Cutting it down may work, but I believe that the edges get treated to make them conform to the spool, so just re-slitting 120 paper may not be sufficient unless the camera is loaded and unloaded in the dark. I understand that if Ilford had any 126 and 110 filling equipment it is long gone. Can't remember ever seeing 126 or 110 Ilford film in the stores here in canada
Ilford said last year they would not cut 127/126/110 paper backing unfortunately, just the film. The cost of cutting the paper was too high I believe.

You can re-roll cut 120, usually the edges might get slight fog, but it doesn't usually enter the image area, and if it did it would only be the first frame really...