With all due respect, you say you are a hetero female, then there must be a male nude type or angle or body part which you would consider worth photographing. I, as a hetero male have photographed male nudes and found it very interesting and challenging. the landscape is slightly different but none the less beautiful.


We have had countless threads that must have convinced us all that we are indeed "artists". Then what do we care what anyone says of the work that we do. You mentioned Sally Mann and Jock Sturges, and their photographs of nude children. I doubt that there is any self respecting pedophiles around that does not have copies of their books. In most circles this would be called kiddie porn. There are people in jail or lost their kids for lesser pictures. Mann and Sturges were somehow saved from this fate because they rightly convinced people that they are artists.

Who cares if some calls your work art, erotica or pornography. The unwinable debate will forever go on about which is which. But who cares. As so called artists we should be photographing in an uninhibited manner and view with complete irrelevance the opinions of nay sayers and critics.

Lastly anyone who hasn't seen George's site is missing out on really fine work.

Michael McBlane