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Gee willikers you seem to take the notion that your pronouncements (led and first graf) are handed down by Moses and engraved on stone. I think you need to think about that. I wouldn't trade my (formerly owned) post War Leica M2R for any pre-WW2 model. Ditto with my post-war Roilleiflex and my Nikon F. I have a new (to me} pre-war and war Kodak 35 and it is a beast. I love it like a pound-rescued puppy but it ain't the ultimate test of the camera maker's art. I own a pre-war Exakta and it lends itself to not taking the photo rather than taking it. Pre-war camera makers had an attitude about cameras that did not necessarily lend themselves to proficient photography. Those photogs who were good at it were that way despite some strange ways cameras were built. As Professor Von Dexter used to say "ve needs to chill outs a bit."
liked that post, best in ages.

but back on topic for years I used a pair of Kievs or Contax II for street.

The limits of the glass catalogue were not significant and I could rebuild them at need. Then a friend sold me the residue of his Canon LTM collection including a Canon VI and Canon 35mm f/2. The combination was as fast handling as Leica M2 and Summicron, faster really.

So I don't really use the Contax or Kievs any more.

When I'm hill walking I take a Fed I from '36, fison hood and Leica filters.