I develop using Pyrocat HD and use the green safe light for developing by inspection. I have found that it works fine for me. Granted the first few times that I tried to use this light with Pyrocat I was not seeing the density as well as I was with ABC Pyro. That has now resolved itself since I am now aware of what to look for. I have found no need to change the safelite filter in my practice.

I use the developing times that Sandy King and Clay Harmon have posted for FP4 and Classic 200 as beginning times.(they are actually very close for Azo densities). I check the densities by inspection at about 80-90% of the suggested time.

The times suggested by these two fellows are posted on unblinkingeye.com and also, in the case of Classic 200, been posted here as well. As a bit of further information the SBR's that are listed are indicators used by BTZS practitioners. A SBR of 7 would be a N development time using Zone system vernacular. A SBR of 6 would be a N+1 time. A SBR of 8 would be a N-1 time. Thus a SBR 7 would be a Zone II to Zone VIII exposure.

In the unblinkingeye.com article by Clay Harmon the 1.0 table is for silver negatives for enlarging. The 1.4 table is for alternative process and Azo.

Just my two cents worth...nuff said.