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Given the limited resources that Alaris presently has to work with ... an existing deployment of retail printing kiosks, a photo paper manufacturing plant and a disappearing film market ... what else can they do? Management is committed to short term profits, not long term investments. It would appear that they're betting on a cellphone app and attendant marketing campaign to suddenly ignite an unquenchable worldwide passion to print out all the family photos trapped on millions of iPhones and SD cards. This plan does seem to be an uphill climb, a bit of a stretch, a day late and a dollar short, and very, very familiar to any long-term Kodak observer.
The film market disappeared a long time ago. All that's left to fall is motion pictures. The writing is on the wall for that. There are no surprises left. So either Kodak Alaris tries like hell to keep film alive in this new world of niche use, or they fold up that shop and become a boring "Kiosk" company as well as a scanner/business imaging company.

I dont care about their other businesses. If KA doesnt want to sell film then fine.

As far as I'm concerned, their total and complete silence about their film line speaks louder than any words can. They want out of film.