AgX stated in the other thread
that analog / photo film is a tiny percent
of their whole portfolio. i don't think it was a slight against the
analog community at all. ( all 200 of them/us )

yes, it would have been nice to mention "film" in an interview
but they have bigger fish to fry ...
it is strange to imagine ceo of a company is going to drop everything to revive
dead emulsion lines ( with no widespread infrastructure to finish them, or do anything drastic when there is
no growing customer base ) to cater to the whims / wants / needs of what comes down to a handful of people
not billions of people. right now its on its head, before it was the profits of the analog industry that kept their other side alive
now the they are going to have to do the opposite .
it was a nice gesture to ask the film shooting community for suggestions
( i was touched to get a reply ) im not going to imagine any time in the future that they take
what i or most people suggested to be their plan.

i think a lot of credit should be given to the other analog film
suppliers who have done a very good job picking up the slack while KODAK and ALARIS have made drastic moves to save their skins ...
if it comes down to someone else make their product for them more power to them.
who knows, maybe if they did this 10 years ago ( instead of being so perfection minded ) ... they would have been able
to re-use sell off, repurpose incubate some of their now defunct campus/ideas, kept jobs and stayed better afloat.