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... up and running and coating film once again at Harrow. Many, if not all, of the current or at least recent films were coated there at one time and there are still emulsion people alive to figure it out. No, I did not say it was a simple undertaking, but such things can be done.
KA would need a complete set from kettle to finishing & Id imagine bits of it are on local scrap heap... If building 38 stops KA could offer production people holidays in Europe (ok Harrow) but even if the kit is out of commission it would still be expensive, even moving production kit from 38 difficult.

As the film market is still shrinking investments are difficult to justify.

Ilford used to make 220 but would need investment to do so again, just for a finishing machine, they say no.

You omitted Orwo who make two mono cine films. Some of the people who shot 5222 stills have migrated from 5222 already.

Lomo's 400 ISO 35mm mono is made in USA their 400 ISO 120 in China.

The norm is the large diversified companies stop marginally profitable areas, Fuji and Kodak may stop early. To my mind this is silly but seen it done all to often.