I don't think we as humans really have developed the ability yet ,to seperate nudity and sexuality. Sex is a frame of mind. bein the the nude is a celebration of this vessel that we live with in, that thinks and creates. I was part of a group exibition some years ago, within which I was the only person showing figurative images. A woman and her two childrenwere cruzing the show, as soon as she realized the kids were looking at she took their hands and escorted them from the show. A couple weeks ago my wife and I visited the Getty museum. In the rennaissance building theirs a 12ft long by 7ft tall painting of a reposing nude female. the exact thing happened only this time it was the father who dragged the kids away. My doctor (who is a woman) asked me"why would someone put a nude picture of someone else on their wall?" I wish I had an answer to these but I don't except to wish that parents and people of influence would change their teaching or preaching from"this is naughty" to theirs a time and place for freedom without clothes and a place for a sexual frame of mind. This is a generational solution that does not solve the artful expressions for today.If I had to guess 90% of the nudity that is sold today is quite sexual in attitude and is kept for private interigation. Also a very high percentage of marketing is based on sexual innuendo for prducts that have nothing to do with sex!. As to why I work so often with the nude, it just kind of evolved from art school after about 8 years of commercial photography I got board with being a tecknition so I went back to drawing then drawing the figure then photographing the figure. Now my drawing and paintings have nothig to do with the figure, yet ironically my paintings out sell my photographs. But the one seems to feed the other conceptually so i'm pretty happy with the mix. Any way I'm rambling, Ed and Aggie thanks for the support.