Thought I'd revive this thread to discuss what has changed in the last year and what changes are still coming for 35mm movie projection. Many of my area cinemas have already switched to digital projection. Actually I thought that by now, all cinemas had to switch; didn't realize that film prints were still being distributed. However, I went to a cinema a little further away last night (because that is where I picked up my date) and saw Captain America -- on film! So at least one area cinema still projects film. Do we know what the timeline is for the major studios to switch to digital?

By the way, I was very impressed with the picture quality last night. Forgot how much I prefer film projection over my local cinema's digital projections. This cinema only shows each movie once per day, so the print wasn't as worn out as the prints I've seen in some of the bigger cinemas that treat their films rather poorly and show each movie several times a day for a month straight.