I have a project going and was wondering if this might be a solution. The project is a vintage Western Camera Corp. Cyclone No.5 falling plate camera. I want to convert it to use straight 4x5 sheet film and the answer to these two questions might help. I have never used a 4x5 Grafmatic film holder before so know very little about them, but do know they have 6 4x5 film septums in them and that's what I'm interested in. I think I could use those septums to help in the plate to film conversion. First question is "where can I buy just the 4x5 septums"? Second question is "what are they made out of"? It would be perfect if they were made out of steel, but aluminum would work also. I already have it setup to use 4x5 film, but it's a little crude and the septums would make it easier and more professional looking. JW