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First -- a minor note. UCLA students spontaneously combust on their own.
Second -- I'm a analog guy but let us face it-- the parade's gone by.
Third -- If you want to float a petition to bring back Silent Films I will sign it.
Liked that thanks.

I can recall when cinemas were next door to each other on shopping streets in medium sized towns.
And 800m apart in suburbia, one 200m from front door.

Cine film volume peaked 1960-1970 cause cinemas started to turn back into stores and print film was the large volume part the camera negative small fraction?
They printed a lot of film for general release and the smaller towns got to see a worn print a few months later, cept for news reels.

Last cine show I went to was Alien circa 80?

Ilford stopped cine cam negative in 2002?

Nostalgia is too painful.