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As far as I know it is allowed in an "editorial way", when writing about a book (on a forum like this) while mentioning who's images it are and what book it is. I'm not reproducing the images as my own or in a commercial way. I'm writing an article or comment about the book. It is normal practice in Europe, but if it is not allowed on this forum, I can remove it?
As a side issue, a British TV programme recently used the fair use rules to its advantage. Comedian Dave Gorman wanted to use the front cover of Hello magazine. Whilst displaying the cover he told us that in order to use it, they had to ask permission of the magazine who had said "no". He went on to say "except if it is being used for criticism or review... in which case I think that is a really sh*t cover which looks as if it was designed by a bunch of paranoid, self protectionist morons".
He then continued with the comments he wanted to make about the magazine.

So the front page image got shown and used anyway and they also made Hello magazine appear stupid.