Oh by the way, Nick, I received a batch of mount adapters and bracketry from SKGrimes on Wednesday.

My 260/10 Nikkor-Q (looks like a Process Nikkor, came in a wooden box like a Process Nikkor, stops only to f/32 like a Process Nikkor) covers 2x3 at infinity front-mounted on a #1 and focuses to about 12 feet on my 2x3 Pacemaker Speed. I guess now I'll have to use the fool thing. I told you I'd do it sooner or later.

Even more interesting, the tandem camera went together as designed and my 480/9 Apo Nikkor focuses to about 12 feet on it. Seems to cover too, but only shooting will verify that.

Its a disappointment, but the tandem camera's short configuration is a little too thick to allow my 305/9 Apo Nikkor to focus to infinity. So I tried the 305 on the 2x3 Speed and it too will work there. Doesn't look quite as absurd as the 260 ...