I've just had my first big film disaster.

I'm so angry with myself and I'm desperate for it not to happen again. I've never had a film that couldn't be developed in the 3 years since I quite digital. Of course it had to be a precious roll too. It was due to a catalogue of errors which started with me forgetting to zero the image counter when I loaded the film. As for what went wrong after that I'm guessing either it somehow got caught or I went past the point it needed to be rewound if not both. Anyway the film completely came out of the cassette. I did get it out in as dark a room as I could but clearly it got exposed. To be honest I think I knew it was ruined but I just couldn't let go of the hope something had survived so I sent it off. A completely blank film was returned. I know the best thing to do would have been to take the whole camera into a camera shop or such like but that wasn't really possible.

I never want this to happen again. What is the best way to deal with this situation or tips to stop it happening? Or just reassurance I'm not a complete idiot for letting this happen!

I kind of hated film for the next few days! As someone who has lost countless digital shots I always had a certain sense of smugness that now all my photos are safely in a draw. Not these though.

Just some info -
35mm film
Zenit e camera