At the end of the cassette the film is held firmly by a form of a "tooth" which grips the middle of the film in the middle of the spool or if Kodak then I believe it is effectively taped to the middle of the spool similar to how bulk loaded film is held.

In both cases the film will be held so firmly that it would take quite a bit of leverage with the film advance lever to break it away from the spool and thus free of the cassette

All I can advise is that you check it is at no 1 frame when you start which you have worked out for yourself and if you were ever to forget but later remember so that you couldn't be sure where you were in the roll then carefully wind forward at each frame and when you feel greater than normal resistance rewind the film. Do not continue to try and wind forward but simply assume you have reached the end

I predict that this has been such a devastating incident for you that out of the many mistakes we all make with a camera this may well be the one that you will never make again.

My commiserations