Congratulations to Thomas Sauerwein for showing what nude art can be. It is difficult to assess pornography. I guess the poster who said, “I can’t define pornography, but I can tell it when I see it.” Is positively correct.

But now I guess it is time for true confessions. I considered posting this under the “Ansel Adams’ Goofs” header as it fits both places. As a very young man I was seriously considering photography as a profession. I worked after school in the darkroom of the only pro in town (a very small town). I was allowed to do some assignments and was in charge of the music section of the high school annual for which I received an award for the cover page (I’ll scan it and post it some day, maybe).

At any rate, my parent subsidized a class in an adjoining town. I was 16. If my parents knew everything that was included, I’m sure they would have declined. Anyway, one session was “figure photography”! We had to purchase our material and 8x10 negatives were quite dear then. We were to expose two plates each. When it was my turn, I tried to act dignified, business-like, and indeed – competent, even though the only naked woman I had ever seen was my mother in the tub.

I deftly posed the model, reset the lighting (as if I really new what I was doing ((even now I don’t have a good knowledge of artificial lighting)) ), set the lens, removed the darkslide, released the shutter, removed the holder, and was readjusting pose when the model began to giggle. I was concerned. What had I done to tip her off? “Aren’t you supposed to put that black thing back in the camera before you remove the negatives?”, she ask. I’ve never tried nude photography since. (I am reminded of one of Ed Sukach’s recent posts on the "quotes" topic ;_)

Truly. dr bob.