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I usually shoot 35mm Tri-X 400 pushed to 1600iso with my GR1v.
The GR only goes to shutter speed of 1/500th so I use an orange or 2 stop ND filter during the day.
I develop with ID-11 (1+1) for 13 1/4 mins. I really like the grain it gives me.

We've been having good weather here in Tokyo and I was planning to head down to the beach for the weekend.
I am now wondering if I should be using a different film or just rate it slower.

I've shot it at 400 ISO with flash indoors before with mixed results.
I know that trying it out is the best way to figure this out, but I any suggestions would be appreciated.

I had to look up what a GR1v is first. No I'd like to recommend another approach to your issue. What about just getting another camera? They should not be too expensive from the source where most of us get their used cameras from. I suspect it would be cheaper to get an second one than to buy a new ND filter.