Purposley I've stayed away from sexualy motivated images, Helmut Newton or Robert maplethorpes work, these images are targeted sex. In Roberts case the images can be quite explicite. yet as his style evolved this explicite nature was'nt neccesary any more. The Lighting became sensious all by it self the printing became masterful the images could have stood on their own. Helmits work has a great sense of humor though grafic at times he always seems to have maintained a distant respect for his sitter. When we try to accomplish a concept it's business, they come in they take their clothes off we go to work! Yet when my wife comes home it's a different story, If I try to photograph her in one of my environments it's imopossible, we're to distracted. My comment was a statement towards the population as a whole, our buying public. The obove named people who accomplished great fame in this industry understood that sex sells, Course in Roberts case, I think thats all he thought about and just got lucky enough to make money at it. We set out to create sensious light , thats the line we've drawn. Theirs tons of sexually motivated stuff out there, the same thing done over and over again. Really boring!