Hi Guys

The Hypergon is a very wide lens and if you like it soft it is almost like a softfocus lens. I have a print from a hypergon in a book from Andreas Feininger the famous photog. He also stated the Hypergon is not really very usefull it is very difficult to focus and gives not really sharp prints in comparison to todays lenses!
But in some cases it was the only possibility at thad time!
I not will stop your lens production but especially in the wide lens design was the most improvement.
I can use a longer lens from in my case 1933 the 360 Universal Heliar and it gives me stopped down to 22-32 almost the same sharpness then a modern lens with the three-dimensional look wich I do not see in any modern lens!
But if a take my 55 years old Super Angulon it has not any chance against a todays wideangel!
Just some facts!